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About Marton Estudio
The Marton Studio operates in the Creative Economy in order to, in a world increasingly vibrant transformations, realize artistic projects and business with quality / authenticity. The commitment to synthesize the essence of brands, the idea of works of art or a concept of the universe, without compromising begins innovative ways for specialized health care. The connection between producers and consumers is made of four areas: Solutions for Art, Architecture, Design and Set Design . Each with specific approaches to meet the various challenges at different levels of complexity.
Under the watchful eye / restless designer / collector José Marton, group activity contributes significantly to the reinvention of the design industry and Brazilian international. Graduated in Fine Arts from Santa Marcelina College ( SP ) , for almost three decades, he is dedicated to the research and implementation of new technologies and materials. With the number of objects Entrelinhas (2001 ), designed from unique system for producing acrylic striped received several awards - in addition to the patent registration - as the Innovation in Acrylic by INDAC ( National Institute for the Development of Acrylic ) and Hannover , iF Awards 2006/2007.

About Jose Marton :

Considered a multimedia artist, art for Jose Marton transposes the professional barriers and is part of your life , or rather, it is your life. Born in the 60's, a decade milestone for the arts, childhood inventive, which explored and created their own toys and games, to a particular universe of creations, passion, commitment and greed in learning
transformed into the apprentice master, completing college with little expertise and leading plus luggage
culture, a trip to Paris, the Salon National University of Fine Arts .

In a meteoric career advancement , Marton created in 1995 to joinery Marton + Marton - reference in art, design and architecture , who made his name shine and work on the runways most requested scenario fashionista with
stunning scenery and more than 300 satisfied customers - immortalized his name in seductive Retail Architecture , created in 2001 one of the greatest revolutions of market design - the system acrylic striped, pioneering and patented in the country - that initiated the series Entrelinhas , was winner of iF Design Award , invited to attend the exhibition Talents à la Cartena 2005 edition of Maison Objet in Paris, and has been awarded the Innovation in acrylic INDAC.